Friday, April 16, 2010

When I get sick ...

I've been feeling poorly since Saturday afternoon but I thought it was just the heat.  I even went home early that day with the intention of sleeping as soon as I see my bed.  But after I took a shower I felt a little better, and went to sleep shortly after.

The following day (Sunday) I had some errands to run and since it was so hot I had a watermelon shake before going home.  When I did reach the house my tummy started spasming every few minutes.  I figured, it must be the watermelon shake on an empty stomach and so I ignored it.  Next thing I knew, had no appetite, I eat but I don't feel like I did and my mouth had a funny taste.  And again, I just ignored it.

Same thing happens the following day (Monday).  Again I ignore it.

Another day passes (Tuesday), still I ignore it.

Wednesday arrives and this time I was hurting enough to tell my mom about it and tell her I was feeling a tad feverish.  By 7pm I was already experiencing chills and I was having difficulty keeping my food down.  By the time I got home at around 11pm I was shaking and hot and dizzy.  I took a vitamin C capsule, a glass of water, and bundled up in a blanket and was immediately knocked out.

Morning comes (Thursday) and I can barely get out of bed.  My mom knocks on my door and gives me a glass of water and a couple of Transfer Factor capsules.  A few minutes later she is back with a cup of coffee and asked me how I felt.  By this time I felt much improved.  The fact that I was able to sit up was a sure indicator.  I was able to go down and join them for breakfast even though all I ate was 1/4 of an apple and even that I just threw up.  I just couldn't keep anything down.  I didn't think I would be well enough to go to work, but by afternoon my fever had already broken and after a quick shower I felt well enough to travel.  Mom says I must have a stomach flu or something.  It certainly feels like a flu.

It's Friday morning now.  My mom and dad have me popping analgesic and vitamin C and some Transfer Factor (morning and night) and so I feel well enough to being my old workaholic self.   After all, sick or not, I still have deadlines to meet.

I'll try not to overdo it.  Tomorrow (or I mean later) and the entire weekend are going to be hectic for me.

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