Friday, April 16, 2010

Getting over a writing hump

I enjoy writing, I really do.  But sometimes I look at the stuff I need to work on and my mind just refuses to work properly.  Words appear in my mental screen but none that I would want to use for whatever project I am working on.  Sometimes a week passes before I get my Eureka! moment.

That's seems to be the case now.  I received this "invitation to bid" on a writing project and I was asked to send a sample by writing copy for at least one section of the site to be revamped and for days I've been struggling with what to put down.  I must have revised what I wrote almost ten times and it wasn't until last night that I felt I was making some headway. I am now waiting for a response to some questions so that I could adjust my writing accordingly, if necessary.

And then there is my summer class work.  I've done the preliminary research but I have yet to type it up and start the actual public information campaign document.  I will get into that immediately after writing this blog.

I suppose the fact that I have been under the weather for a week now hasn't helped.  Now that I am on the mend, though, it seems my brain is starting to work again, too.  I hope my muse stays with me so that I can do a good job in fulfilling my writing obligations.

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