Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mizu Therapeutic Spa

All over the metro spas are sprouting like mushrooms. It isn't even unusual to see spas side by side, or on top of each other, each one touting their services and prices on billboards and other signages. Perhaps this is a sign of how stressful life has become that people turn to spas for relaxation and therapy. I have been going to reflexologists and masseuses fairly regularly since 1994. This is because of a chronic back pain that is caused by an old sports injury and, I suppose the wear and tear of the passing of time.

I don't like a hard massage, but I don't get any satisfaction from a full Swedish either, so oftentimes, I like to ask for what most spas call their "combination massage" which is a combination of Swedish and Shiatsu. While being massaged the masseuse then asks me whether I require more or less pressure in the massage. Different spas have different ways of delivering their combination massage. In Palm Garden, for example, they always end the massage with a stretching which I like to compare to flying. The masseuses also like to use their knees and elbows when applying the massage. I've been told that this is a thai massage technique. In Excelsior they like to crack the neck (which I don't like, by the way. I keep worrying if I will die or get paralyzed after.) but other than that you get a satisfying one hour head to toe massage. In the Aromatherapy Center their combination massage is similar to that of Excelsior with the addition of a heated pad on the massage bed and exfoliating brushes.

The latest one I've tried is a cozy little place in Greenhills called Mizu. The name threw me off for a bit because I kept hearing BIZU, which is a different place entirely.

At P385 for a one hour massage, their rates are competitive. What makes this spa unique is what they call their "signature massage" which is a combination of shiatsu, Swedish, thai massage, lymphatic massage, and the traditional hilot. All the masseuses are well trained to deliver this "signature massage" but they all have their specialties, too. If you have a preference for a particular type of massage, you will have to indicate it at the front desk so that they could assign the appropriate masseuse to you.

Whether you are just about to have a massage or just finished having one, Mizu's waiting lounge is a quiet and cozy place where you can sit and escape from everyday stress.

Every guest is provided with a blue silk robe, shorts, and rubber slippers to wear while waiting for their masseuse. Shallow box trays are also provided in every cubicle where guests can place their valuables and clothes while having their massage. This removes the stress of wondering whether our things (like laptop, cellphone, jewelry) are safe or not.

When asked what kind of massage I wanted I said that I wanted to try their signature massage. Luckily, I was given a masseuse that could answer my many questions about her background and the types of massages she was trained to do, and they were a lot! I felt lucky that she was assigned to me.

Whether you are getting a full body massage or a foot massage the price of the service is the same at P385.00. This encourages people to go for the full massage. After all, you get more for the same value, right? You also have a choice between using a regular massage oil or aromatherapy oil for your massage. Every month features a different scent. The masseuses are educated on the healing properties of these oils so are fully capable of answering your questions if you ask them.

Other spas offer more perks and possibly cost more, but in as far as the massage itself is concerned, I definitely got one of the best massages at Mizu. I will surely go back for more.

Mizu is located at Unit 101 Continental Court Condominium, #47 Annapolis Street, Greenhills. Their operation hours are everyday from 12 noon to 12 midnight. Establishments you can find near them are Tapa King and the Monterey Meat Shop.

Food and Friends at Bizu

I love attending bloggers events, especially FOOD blogging events.  Yesterday I had the privilege of attending Bizu's Blogger Merienda 2 where we were invited to sample there summer sorbets and their Yoga Cake.

I asked Mark to join me in attending this event.  Goodies like these are meant to be shared with a friend or two, or three, right?  I saw some old friends there and also made some new ones. Jomi shared a table with us and we had a really good conversation with her while sampling everything on the table.

Bizu was very generous to its bloggers.  Before allowing us to sample the succulent summer treats (see first picture above), they treated us to afternoon tea. This was composed of a variety of hors d'oeuvres, tiny sandwiches, and dessert pastries and chocolate truffles, washed down with tea, coffee, and water. The clincher was ... everything was refillable, and refillable, and refillable! But we had to leave room for "the stars of the show", so to speak.

Of the food served for afternoon tea the ones I enjoyed the most were caramelized apple with brie on croute, the chocolate truffles, the opera cake, and the salmon. Yum!

Click HERE to read my review of the summer sorbets and the Yoga cake.

Thank you, also, for the "jam" you gave us to take home. I was given the Mango and Lemon and it will be perfect for when I make a salad with mango vinaigrette! Overall, it was a wonderfully, tummy-filled afternoon and I wouldn't mind doing it again.

Bizu, keep me in mind for the next one, ok?