Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Boracay Vacation

This is my first time to ever visit Boracay.  I know it is weird.  Most of my friends have been coming here for years!  I'm glad that the first time I visit is with my family.
The last couple of days have been pretty hectic for me --- had to find a sub for my classes in CSB, had to update him of the lessons for today and update Moodle, too, then there are all the preparations for the trip, and entertaining relatives who just arrived from the U.S.  I've barely had time to breathe.

I've also been pretty stressed out the last couple of months and I've been looking forward to this vacation as a chance to refresh and "reboot".  So far, it seems to be working. 

We were in the Cebu Pacific bus (which was not usual for us) and were driven to our plane.  I could not help but laugh out loud at Erika's reaction when she saw our plane.  She has never ridden a small plane before.  The few times we have traveled together the planes have always been big.  This was her first time to WALK into a plane.  Usually its a tall ladder or a tube before the plane.
Since it was raining in Caticlan while we were in the air, we had to circle the airport several times to allow the runway some time to dry up.  this gave us the opportunity to be touristy and take some aerial shots of Boracay.

Annoyingly, our first few shots failed because the camera we brought would not cooperate.  It took several attempts and a lot of fiddling to finally get it to work.  I really should bring this camera to Canon to have it services.  It's the kit lens that's the problem.  If I have the cash, maybe I'll buy a new lens for myself for Christmas.
If there was any part we found tedious it would have to be all the transfers --- cab from the house, plane, trike, boat, trike, then a long hike down the beach to our resort.  It wasn't so bad, though, 'cause we knew the trip ended in paradise.
And what, pray tell, is a vacation without taking pictures of beautiful cloud formations, eh? I can't think of a single trip I went to when I did not take pictures of clouds. They're just so pretty! I'd say that to me looking at clouds is a spiritual experience 'cause it is like a visible sign from God that my vacation will be wonderful.

This is our bed (mine and my daughter's) in our room.  Isn't it pretty?  It's pretty comfortable, too!  The room is quite beautiful.  We love the bathroom, the aircon is working properly, the beds are comfy, the ref is cold, the cable TV works, and ... it's just wonderful!  I think it is a good place to stay for a vacation, for sure. Oh! I forgot to mention that while our room does not exit directly to the beach, it is just a short walk (no more than 25 paces) and you are already on the beach itself.

After an hour of rest our tummies reminded us that our last meal was at noon so we walked down the beach and headed for this resort (Two Season) my uncle recommended that served really good oyster sisig.  Great recommendation!  the oyster sisig too spicy for my mom and sis but Erika and I enjoyed the bite.  The beef rendang was perfect and so was the thai fish fillet.  We would take a bit and go, "I can taste coconut milk ... ginger ... and a little cumin." And then for the fish fillet ... our first spoonful of the rice was a happy shock.  OMG!  A cornucopia of flavor just partied in my mouth!  There was definitely some pineapple in there.  I wonder if the chef will share the recipe. 
So far, our first few hours in bora has been wonderful.  I wonder what the next couple of days will bring?