Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dear Justin ...

Dear Justin,

I heard that you and Jessica Biel just didn't work out. I am sad for you, but, can't help but be happy for me, ha ha ha.   Since you are now single again that means that I can fantasize about you again, guilt-free!

I really wanted to watch your concert when you were here last but I hope you come back someday soon.

I really love your Love Sex Magic video with Ciara.  Talk about HOT!  And to think for most of the video you were just sitting, standing, lying there enjoying all that sexy.  Ciara was just smokin' in it!  She certainly looked like she was into you.  I know I am. 

Hmmm ... I think I want to see that video one more time ...

Sizzlin' hot!  I only wish that you had danced in the video.  I love watching you dance.

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