Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dying for a breath of fresh air!

Did you ever wonder what I fart tasted like?  I never did, nor did I ever want to find out but to my dismay I found out today.  Kasuy and I met up at Krispy Kreme Cubao and someone at a nearby table released a "silent killer".  It stank so bad I was choking!  and what was worse was that it lingered for a long, loooong time.  We were already complaining about it and I even tried burying my nose in my cup of coffee but to no avail.  The stink penetrated through the caffeine smell, too!

We even sprayed alcohol in the air, it had no effect.  All we got was stinky air mixed with a whiff of sterile smell.  THAT's HOW BAD IT WAS.  I even sprayed directly in the direction of where the stink was coming from in hopes the person or people will get the message.

Flatulence is natural.  Everyone passes gas, right?  But the least we can do when we do pass such a stinker in an air conditioned room is to make some effort to dissipate it, right?  Or, if possible, hold it, go to the rest room or step outside and let loose there.  Have some consideration for the other people in the room who have to inhale such foul air.

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