Sunday, January 23, 2011

Buried under a pile

Ok, ok.  I've been saying for some time to whoever asks me what I am up to that I am buried in work.  I feel the load but I haven't really listed down everything I need to do.  So, I figured listing them down might make it look more manageable.  Let me see ...
With TK I need to complete the following:
  1. 17 lab exercises
  2. 17 complete websites (with original content, design, and full functionality)  
  3. 5 text quizzes  
  4. 5 interactive quizzes  
  5. 45 concept papers
Then with CSB I need to prepare lectures for the following:
  1. information architecture  
  2. web typography  
  3. web page elements and layouts  
  4. working with dreamweaver  
  5. working with colors for the web  
  6. optimizing images for the web  
  7. preparing photographs for use on the web 
  8. slicing and rollovers  
  9. designing the site template  
  10. inserting media  
  11. wire-framing  
  12. using tables to layout a website  
  13. CSS  
  14. spry  
  15. working with forms and applying JS behaviors  
  16. web publishing  
  17. portfolio production and timeline  
  18. production timeline  
  19. online layout and production  
  20. asset assembly and selection  
  21. specialization stages  
  22. asset collection  
  23. integrating assets to mediums  
  24. asset selection  
  25. physical setups  
  26. layout for physical designs
For the MC accreditation I need to retype and update the course syllabi of the following:
  1. COM 631 Statistics in Communication  
  2. COM 632 Information and Communication Technology  
  3. COM 634 Integrated Marketing Communication Strategies  
  4. COM 635 Seminar in Communication Management in the Philippines: Issues and Problems  
  5. COM 636 Corporate Communication  
  6. COM 637 Managing Public Information Programs and Campaigns  
  7. COM 638 Organizational Culture and Communication Policy Planning  
  8. COM 639 Research and Theory Construction in Communication 
  9. COM 640 Communication Research Utilization, Planning, Policy and Management  
  10. COM 641 Qualitative Approaches in Communication Research  
  11. COM 642 Ethical and Philosophical Issues in Communication Research  
  12. COM 643 Cross-Cultural Research  
  13. COM 644 Emerging and Indigenous Communication Research Methods  
  14. COM 646 Advanced RTV Production and Direction  
  15. COM 647 Legal and Ethical Issues in Mass Media  
  16. COM 648 Investigative Journalism and Development Communication  
  17. COM 649 Seminar in Global Communication  
  18. COM 652 Advanced Multimedia/RTV Broadcast Journalism  
  19. COM 656 Electronic PR and Advertising Strategies and Communication Campaigns  
  20. COM 530 Introduction to Communication Theories and Models  
  21. COM 531 Introduction to Communication Research Methods  
  22. COM 532 Social Dynamics of Multi-Media Communication
I've already completed a few and partway through a couple but until I do, that's the pending list.
For my schoolwork I need to submit:
  1. goals and objectives of the MC marketing plan  
  2. analysis of an existing communication campaign of a local government agency  
Also working on my thesis.
And then, as icing on the cake everything (except schoolwork) are priority work! Ok ... so maybe I have a good reason to be anti-social and keep my nose to the grindstone. I just wish I don't get more work dumped on me in the meantime. It's not like I have the extra time.
I'm not even counting other MC tasks because I am able to do manage to insert most of my tasks as secretary somewhere between all the writing and typing and conceptualizing but that's it. I can't take the helm on anything anymore. If I do that then I will have to give up something, which I can't do. I already gave up my social life, decent sleep, regular meals, and family time. What else am I expected to give up?