Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weighing in

I weighed myself before all the Christmas feasts and again at the first week of March and I was shocked when I found out that I gained 20 lbs!   Noooooo!  The weight I put on really worried me.  I don't ever want to be overweight again.  Being overweight comes with so many problems.

And then things got hectic in school and I had so many papers to write.  The stress somehow made me eat less, and I made a special effort to limit my soda intake to 1 glass a day, I cut down on my rice and TRIED to cut down on my sweets.  I don't get 2 donuts with my coffee anymore.  I limit myself to one and I go for the healthier cinnamon apple filled instead of the sinful caramel apple pie.

Over the Holy Week I unintentionally dieted, too.  I was eating bread and butter for 2 of my meals on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  I say unintentional because I wasn't really dieting. The bread just happened to be that good. 

Today mom and I (and my niece, Tasha) went by Mercury Drug and I weighed myself again on the same scale.  Holy cow!  I lost 10 lbs!  Woohoo!  I must be doing something right.  I am going to start running again tomorrow.  Hopefully, I can go back to my ideal weight before the summer is over. I want to look good in a bikini again, even if I won't get a chance to get in one this summer. 

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