Monday, December 28, 2009

My shoes are so fab!

A few days before Christmas, my husband, Simon, asked me what I would want for Christmas. Whenever I am asked that question my mind always goes blank. Asking for gifts is not something I am accustomed to doing. This year the only thing I asked for from family and friends was votes to win a camera. I didn't win. But I had to think of something. Surely there was something I wanted or needed that would not be unreasonable to ask for, right?

I came up with one thing: SHOES.

My godfather, Uncle Ed, used to give me shoes for my birthday and Christmas, but after I got married I figured I must be getting too old to receive them regularly. And, as I said, I'm not one to ask so I wasn't going to remind him.

I believe that every girl should have at least one pair of strappy heels among her shoes. Aside from gold (or silver, can't remember) formal strappy heels, all my other shoes are either too formal or too casual. I have boots, and rubber shoes, aqua socks/shoes, flip flops, and office shoes. But I realized that aside from hand-me-down Skechers heels I had nothing that would go with anything. And so, when he asked me what I wanted for Christmas the only thing that popped into my head was "girlie shoes".

I wasn't expecting him to go out and buy them for me, though. Just like underwear, shoes are personal, so more often than not it is better to go out and buy it yourself than have someone else buy it for you. So ... Simon just gave me the money for it. Worked for me. That way I was sure to get the style I want and in the correct size. I;m a size 9-9.5 so it actually isn't easy to get me shoes. My feet are too big for regular sizes (which usually stop at 8) and too small for big sizes (which usually start at 10).

Yesterday afternoon Erika went with me to Trinoma and to The Block for shoe shopping. We ended up getting shoes from the store I wanted to get them from in the first place, So Fab! at The Block.

Aren't these shoes pretty? I love them! Over the years I have bought and worn strappy sandals until they wear out from overuse. I fell in love with this pair on site.

I showed them to my mom and dad when I got home and mom loved them. Her only question to me was ... am I not too tall already? With these shoes on I reach a lofty 5'10". Perfect!

Expect to see me in these shoes many, many times in the coming months. Thank you, daddy, for giving me the money to buy them.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas is the time to see our relatives, catch up on news, eat 'til we bust, and, for those who could afford it, gift giving.

Christmas eve was spent with my immediate side (Angeles) of the family. The clan Christmas celebration will be in a few days.
Here I am with my immediate family and their spouses and children. My mom and dad were not in the picture because dad was in bed with the flu. Uncle Vic was with us for Christmas but he was busy taking pictures, so could not be in the picture with us. Noche buena was simple. We just had Majestic ham, queso de bola, scalloped potatoes, mango float, soda, wine, Absolut Vanilla vodka

Christmas day we went to San Juan to spend the day with Simon's side (Tan) of the family.

After lunch my in-laws decided to go to the mall, but I opted to go home so I could catch up on some sleep.

Yesterday we went to relatives on the Zaragoza (my mom's side) side of the family. There are quite a number of first degree relatives on the Zaragoza side and this photo is nowhere near complete because most of my mom's siblings are either in the U.S. or out of Manila. Same goes with their children (my cousins) and their children (my nephews and nieces).

There is one more celebration left before the year ends. It's the Aben/Angeles clan reunion on the 30th. 'Tis definitely the season to be loosening the belts. Exercise, we will reunite on January 3.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Twilight contest has a winner

Guess what? I didn't win in the Twilight contest on that I was making so much noise about for several weeks, hoping and begging for my family and friends to vote for me. Winning it really wasn't easy. At times it felt like pulling out of quicksand would be easier than convincing people not only to sign up to but also to vote for me on the Twilight contest and give me 5 stars. People had different reasons for taking their time or not doing it at all. For some it was security or privacy issues, for others it was either a very busy social or work schedule. Which is why I am very, very thankful to all the people who did vote. Your combined votes was enabled me to reach the #2 spot in the photo contest.

Some of my friends told me they were waiting for the last minute to vote. Unfortunately, registration/login bugs prevented them from entering the site and therefore could not vote for me. I actually saw this for myself since one of my friends registered in my presence and was unable to login despite receiving the confirmation email. I guess that SNAFUs are one of the things to be expected when we wait until the last minute to do something.

With more than a 200 vote lead on me, I am not surprised that 24 year old Helga Weber went home with the Canon 450D Rebel DSLR Camera. Congratulations, Helga!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pre-Christmas with my in-laws

I am blessed. You know all the things they say about how in-laws are supposed to be difficult to get along with? They're not true, at least, not for me. Even though they are not the most affectionate of people, I think my in-laws are wonderful.

Whether or not I asked for their help, they have made sure I knew that they are there for me.

Last night was my niece, Marty's birthday. We celebrated at TGIF at The Fort.

Dinner itself wastn't all that great because the food took too long to arrive and there was always something missing ... missing sauce, one chicken fillet short, serving size was smaller than Chili's, food was more expensive than was expected, etc. Suffice it to say the dinner was a disaster! We couldn't help comparing it to when we ate at Chili's where service was fast, food ordered was complete, and the items on the menu cost less.

But the evening did not end there.

As we stepped out of Friday's our ears were greeted by the beautiful sound of several male voices blended in pure harmony. And the first thing that entered my head was, "OMG, that has GOT to be Tux!" And true enough, it was!

I haven't heard them in YEARS and I've always enjoyed listening to choirs when they actually harmonize. I rushed over to check and sure enough, it was! I couldn't mistake them for anyone else.

Their program was conducted in front of Krispy Kreme so we decided to have our dessert and there. That way we could listen and sort of watch the show while we ate. After a while, my nieces wandered off to do some window shopping but I chose to stay until the end of the show. By the way, Tux is re-releasing their first and second album as well as a Christmas album but they are not yet available in stores. You can only get them directly from the band. I have the Road Manager's card, in case anyone is interested.

At the end of the evening, Erika and I decided to take some lookbook worthy photos.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Trying to stay positive

One day and ten hours. As of this blog that is how much time is left before Fizzer declares a winner. At the moment it seems to be clear it isn't going to be me. The person in front of me has right now is something like 300 votes ahead. Definitely it is because she has been working her butt off today getting her family and friends to vote for her. I have been doing the same for several days now myself.

I am thankful to those who have taken the time to vote, despite the many bugs we have encountered the last couple of days. The fact that you persevered means a lot to me. And yet, when I look at how much movement my votes got from last night to now, it seems I only got 1 star more, and it was from a detractor, not a friend. Thank you, detractor for giving me one star. In your little way, you helped, even if your goal was just to complain. Especially to the friends who absolutely hated having to sign up but for the love of me did so just to vote for me, I thank you most of all. You overcame your reservations to support me.

I'm sitting here thinking ... perhaps my family and friends are just waiting until the last minute before they vote? Maybe that's it. Certainly, the #1's score jump could be explained by that on her end. I would rather think my family and friends and their friends are just waiting. I guess we will know for sure by tomorrow, eh, when there is movement (or lack thereof) of votes.

I'm trying really, really hard to be optimistic. But when I can't even get my daughter to campaign for me enthusiastically with her friends for a prize that is meant for her, not me, I can't help but be depressed. I don't know. Maybe it is embarrassing for a 39 year old mom to join a Twilight contest.

Don't get me wrong, my vote tally, to date is not shabby. I am currently at #2 after all. But that won't win me the prize. To win I have to be #1.

As I've mentioned before, ordinarily I am not one to ask for favors. Neither do I force people to do something they don't want to do. But now, I find myself asking, and begging, and cajoling. Friends, for love of me, if nothing else, please sign up and vote for me at, and if possible, do give me the maximum 5 stars.

If you have already voted for me and gave me anywhere from 1 to 5 stars, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Even the detractors that gave me 1 star ... thank you so much for your attention.

I love you all and thank you for helping me. I pray you help me. I pray we win.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

From baby to babe ... they just grow up so fast!

There are so many shows out that teach us how to get a good outfit together, how to walk well, how to pose and project to the camera ... it's no wonder our youth love to pose. However, it cannot be denied, that with all this constant picture taking, they have certainly figured out how to look good in pictures. I don't spend so much time in front of the camera so it is usually hit and miss for me.

Anyway, here are some pics of my unica hija and her friends.

My daughter is the one in the middle.

These next series of shots are some of my favorites.

In case it isn't obvious yet, mines the tall one.

These ladies are all dancers. They are all members of LSDC Contemporary. I could be wrong, but I'm seeing a future in modelling ... or even acting right there. Wouldn't you agree?

They sure grow up so fast, don't they? I hope I did a good job.

Monday, December 14, 2009

What? Fizzer is giving away more gadgets?!?

The first time I heard about Fizzer was when my daughter and I watched the blocked screening at Greenbelt 3 of New Moon, the second movie of the Twilight Saga, sponsored by Twilight Coven Philippines.  And before you ask, yes, it was MUCH better than the first one by leaps and bounds.

As we entered the movie theater we were warmly greeted with smiles and invitations to an after movie party at Capone’s by a group of uber-hot, well-muscled sexy men dressed in jeans and tank tops (dressed as the local version of the clean cut La Push wolf pack) and sexy, curvaceous women dressed in tiny black dresses with plunging necklines (“dressed to vamp”, so to speak in the stereotypical “look” of the female vampire). Turns out these guys and gals were representatives of (one of the sponsors of the screening).

When I asked them what was they said, “it is a  real social network”, and in response, of course I said, “oh, you mean like Facebook”.  Apparently the similarity ends at the words "social network".  Fizzer is a “real” social network, they say, because:
  • is a localized social network – this  means that the target market are Filipinos from all over, but specifically those that reside in the Philippines  
  • not only connects people online but also creates opportunities for fellow Fizzer members to meet and interact (face to face) initially in Fizzer sponsored events and later in events sponsored by Fizzer members themselves
  • gives really great prizes in their contests which I hear they will have every month!
Speaking of contests, they have an easy contest running right now with wonderful prizes in store for those who join.

Like with any other website, the gauge of its success is measured by its popularity.   In social networking terms this can be measured by simply looking at its total membership. is a very new player and to get their numbers up and in conjunction with the season of giving, they came up with a new contest called “The New Year Blowout” which starts on December 15, 2009 and will end on Valentine’s  Day, February 14, 2010.

Joining is so easy to do:
  • Sign up on the website.  There are 2 ways of doing that.

    • If you received an invite code to join the website, such as this one: (This is my daughter, Erika’s code.  Please use it to help her get the numbers she needs, too.) then click or visit the link and then fill up the registration form it leads you to    
    • If you did not receive an invitation code you can just go straight to the homepage of and click on the word  REGISTRATION found at the bottom
    Once logged in go to

  • Click on the “join competition” button
It’s that simple.  But what are the rules?
  • Participants have to be Filipino and residing in the Philippines.
  • The user with the highest number of confirmed invited users wins.  The confirmed invite must upload at least one photo of themselves and add at least one school in  their personal information for the invitee to be counted as a confirmed invite.
  • Your friends must use the invitation link to register for the invites to be counted.
  • Fraudulent accounts will not be tolerated. The number of confirmed registrations through your invites will be tracked by Fizzer.
  • Note: reserves the right to disqualify contest participants.

The prizes they are giving away to the people who place in  the top 5 make it totally worth it to invite people to sign up.
  • 1st place receives a Macbook
  • 2nd place receives a PS3
  • 3rd place receives an HP Mini
  • 4th place receives a PSP
  • 5th place receives an iPod
I myself find all the prizes drool worthy and certainly worth the effort of inviting people to sign up.  My daughter takes after me.  She loves gadgets, too, and she would love to  finally own a Macbook.  How about you? Care to try for the Macbook, too?

Monday, December 7, 2009

On tenterhooks and hopeful

It is a mere 12 days until we find out who wins the Canon 450D Rebel DSLR Camera in the Fizzer Twilight contest and, I kid you not, I'm starting to get tense in anticipation.  This is why I usually do not join contests.  I fear at times that the stress would kill me.

My highest ranking so far in this contest is #3.  Imagine how my heart dropped when I got home last night and found I slid down to #5!  Two new players appeared out of nowhere!  And somehow they were able to get 400+ people to vote for them in mere hours when it has taken me days to get 200+ people to vote for me.  How did they do that?

I'm hoping it is some sort of illegal anomaly so that I could retain my original place then I will just have to worry about beating the votes of 2 other people.  I'm also hoping that the committee find something wrong with the entries of #1 and #2, hehehe.  I see it, I don't know why they don't.

Friends, please, please, please help me win!  Vote for me.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Help me get my Christmas wish, please

Growing up there is one gadget that I remember wanting more than any other. No, it’s not the phone, and it isn’t the computer either (personal computers were not commonplace until much later). The one gadget I wanted most was a camera. And not just any camera, I wanted an SLR (single-lens reflex) camera.

I love taking pictures. For me there is greater joy in being behind the camera than in being in front of it. Back in the days of analog photography I always looked forward to picking up my contact sheets/prints from the film developer and hoped fervently that I got more good shots than bad. Now that’s it’s the new millennia, SLRs have evolved into DSLRs ("D" for digital) and seeing the results of my attempts is almost instantaneous thus making me more eager than ever to own a decent camera.

This month I have the opportunity to win a Canon EOS 450D Rebel XSi Digital Camera complete with lenses, but I need your help to win this prize. I’ve joined the Twilight Saga photo contest on and the person who receives the most number of votes wins!

For my Twilight inspired photo I had the choice of going ethereal (angelic), wolfish, or vampish. I opted for ethereal. (I’ve never been a Goth girl so I fear I won’t be able to carry off the dark, menacing vamp look, hehehe.) Like I said, I went for ethereal --- wind blowing through my hair, an expectant and wistful expression on my face, as if breathlessly waiting for my wolf-man to return. Yeah, you read it right; I said wolf-man, not vampire. Call me weird, but I’ve always been on Team Jacob from the time I read the books more than a year ago. I’m not denying Edward’s old world appeal, mind you, I just like my man warm and cuddly and rippling with the muscles.   For me to have any chance at winning this wonderful prize I desperately need your help, and this is how you can give it to me:
  1. You have to be a member of ( If you are not yet a member then please do sign up. It's free! Fizzer is a new local social networking site, so don’t worry about getting spammed or sent viruses by it. It would, perhaps be comparable to Facebook but with less features at the moment.
  2. Go to and vote for me by clicking on the VOTE button below my picture and name.
It’s that easy! Perhaps you would like to join the contest yourself? If you do, then you need to know that the rules for joining the contest are very strict.
  1. Contestants need to be a member of
  2. The photo entry has to be Twilight inspired, meaning it should be vampish, wolfish, or ethereal.
  3. The photo should be exactly 382 by 500 pixels.
  4. The photo should not be posted in other social networking sites.
Contest ends on 20 December 2009 at exactly 10am. I will really, really appreciate all your votes. Thank you, friends, in advance, for my Christmas gift! Hope you like my pic, too. No , the pic posted here is not the one I entered.