Monday, December 28, 2009

My shoes are so fab!

A few days before Christmas, my husband, Simon, asked me what I would want for Christmas. Whenever I am asked that question my mind always goes blank. Asking for gifts is not something I am accustomed to doing. This year the only thing I asked for from family and friends was votes to win a camera. I didn't win. But I had to think of something. Surely there was something I wanted or needed that would not be unreasonable to ask for, right?

I came up with one thing: SHOES.

My godfather, Uncle Ed, used to give me shoes for my birthday and Christmas, but after I got married I figured I must be getting too old to receive them regularly. And, as I said, I'm not one to ask so I wasn't going to remind him.

I believe that every girl should have at least one pair of strappy heels among her shoes. Aside from gold (or silver, can't remember) formal strappy heels, all my other shoes are either too formal or too casual. I have boots, and rubber shoes, aqua socks/shoes, flip flops, and office shoes. But I realized that aside from hand-me-down Skechers heels I had nothing that would go with anything. And so, when he asked me what I wanted for Christmas the only thing that popped into my head was "girlie shoes".

I wasn't expecting him to go out and buy them for me, though. Just like underwear, shoes are personal, so more often than not it is better to go out and buy it yourself than have someone else buy it for you. So ... Simon just gave me the money for it. Worked for me. That way I was sure to get the style I want and in the correct size. I;m a size 9-9.5 so it actually isn't easy to get me shoes. My feet are too big for regular sizes (which usually stop at 8) and too small for big sizes (which usually start at 10).

Yesterday afternoon Erika went with me to Trinoma and to The Block for shoe shopping. We ended up getting shoes from the store I wanted to get them from in the first place, So Fab! at The Block.

Aren't these shoes pretty? I love them! Over the years I have bought and worn strappy sandals until they wear out from overuse. I fell in love with this pair on site.

I showed them to my mom and dad when I got home and mom loved them. Her only question to me was ... am I not too tall already? With these shoes on I reach a lofty 5'10". Perfect!

Expect to see me in these shoes many, many times in the coming months. Thank you, daddy, for giving me the money to buy them.

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