Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pre-Christmas with my in-laws

I am blessed. You know all the things they say about how in-laws are supposed to be difficult to get along with? They're not true, at least, not for me. Even though they are not the most affectionate of people, I think my in-laws are wonderful.

Whether or not I asked for their help, they have made sure I knew that they are there for me.

Last night was my niece, Marty's birthday. We celebrated at TGIF at The Fort.

Dinner itself wastn't all that great because the food took too long to arrive and there was always something missing ... missing sauce, one chicken fillet short, serving size was smaller than Chili's, food was more expensive than was expected, etc. Suffice it to say the dinner was a disaster! We couldn't help comparing it to when we ate at Chili's where service was fast, food ordered was complete, and the items on the menu cost less.

But the evening did not end there.

As we stepped out of Friday's our ears were greeted by the beautiful sound of several male voices blended in pure harmony. And the first thing that entered my head was, "OMG, that has GOT to be Tux!" And true enough, it was!

I haven't heard them in YEARS and I've always enjoyed listening to choirs when they actually harmonize. I rushed over to check and sure enough, it was! I couldn't mistake them for anyone else.

Their program was conducted in front of Krispy Kreme so we decided to have our dessert and there. That way we could listen and sort of watch the show while we ate. After a while, my nieces wandered off to do some window shopping but I chose to stay until the end of the show. By the way, Tux is re-releasing their first and second album as well as a Christmas album but they are not yet available in stores. You can only get them directly from the band. I have the Road Manager's card, in case anyone is interested.

At the end of the evening, Erika and I decided to take some lookbook worthy photos.

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