Monday, December 7, 2009

On tenterhooks and hopeful

It is a mere 12 days until we find out who wins the Canon 450D Rebel DSLR Camera in the Fizzer Twilight contest and, I kid you not, I'm starting to get tense in anticipation.  This is why I usually do not join contests.  I fear at times that the stress would kill me.

My highest ranking so far in this contest is #3.  Imagine how my heart dropped when I got home last night and found I slid down to #5!  Two new players appeared out of nowhere!  And somehow they were able to get 400+ people to vote for them in mere hours when it has taken me days to get 200+ people to vote for me.  How did they do that?

I'm hoping it is some sort of illegal anomaly so that I could retain my original place then I will just have to worry about beating the votes of 2 other people.  I'm also hoping that the committee find something wrong with the entries of #1 and #2, hehehe.  I see it, I don't know why they don't.

Friends, please, please, please help me win!  Vote for me.


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