Thursday, March 25, 2010

Time to relax

After 3 weeks of stress, what with working on all my papers for school and my lectures for my class i finally get to relax. �Phew! �School is out for grad school and in Benilde the next few weeks are for consultation by my students. �I can finally catch up on my sleep.

I look back at the sem that was and I can honestly say, I enjoyed going back to school as a student. �Fulfilling requirements was difficult, for sure, but not insurmountable. �I am optimistic about getting a good grade from my professors. �My only worry, if any, would be with my org. culture class because our professor in that subject was more distant with the students than the other professors.

For our ICT class we had to organize a seminar for our final requirement and submit a book report. �The last sounds very high school, I know, but that is what Dr. Garcia asked for.

For our Research Seminar 1 class Sir Dodi had us write three chapters of a research paper. �At the beginning of the semester he told me to write a qualitative research paper so I had to think of a topic that would require qualitative research. �Thankfully I was able to think of something fairly early and had time to work on it and submit on time.

For our Org. Culture class Sir Don's final requirement was a case study analysis and a communication plan. � Yes, in essence TWO papers. �We had only 10 days to work on it. �Thankfully I was able to submit on Day 9.

With all that paperwork ahead of me, I decided to start working on them as early as I can. �Good thing I did! �I still needed time to work on my lectures for my WebDev1 class. �Part of what I do to prepare for class is to create a "for dummies" instruction sheet on how to execute and use different webdev tricks on Dreamweaver for my kids.

I get about two weeks of rest and it is back to school and work for me. �Hello, summer class!

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