Friday, February 5, 2010

It can't get any clearer.

This evening I received a call from my professor (Sir Dodi) which was shortly followed by an announced from one of my classmates. This is what my classmate texted me: "No classes sa subjects ni Sir Dodi tomorrow. Kindly inform everybody. Thanks!"

Sir Dodi's assistant, Mark, tells me that the reason our class(es) were cancelled tomorrow (ONLY!) was because of construction repairs at the Antique house, where our class(es) were conducted.

So, I passed on a text myself, thinking that perhaps my classmate did not have everyone's cell numbers, especially to those with whom he did not share a class. This is what I said: "All classes at antique house tomorrow are cancelled due to construction repairs. This affects all of Sir Dodi's classes tomorrow. "

I may be wrong, but I thought that was clear, wasn't it? So, imagine my surprise to receive a text back from another (different) classmate that said this: "Does this mean wala tayong class sa Comm Res 1?"


Ok then, let me ask you this.
1. Is Comm Res 1 a subject taught by Sir Dodi?
2. Is the class conducted at the Antique house?
3. Will the class held on a Saturday? Perhaps, tomorrow?

If your answer to all three questions is YES and you STILL insist on asking me that ... question then let me repeat what I said earlier ... "ALL CLASSES at ANTIQUE HOUSE TOMORROW are cancelled due to construction repairs. This affects ALL OF SIR DODI'S CLASSES TOMORROW."

I think it is obvious that this is not a forever scenario. I did SPECIFICALLY SAY TOMORROW, didn't I? And SIR DODI'S CLASSES and ANTIQUE HOUSE.

Haaaaaay!!! PEOPLE! Use the brains you were given, puh-LEASE!!!

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