Thursday, February 3, 2011

How do I love tikoy, let me count the ways

 tikoy.  I could eat it all day ... which is why I am very happy when we receive a lot of Tikoy from our friends.  Good thing that tikoy is usually only given during Chinese New year or I'd be a blimp!

Before cooking the tikoy I like to put it in the chiller to make cutting it up easier.  Once firm enough I slice it by cutting down (not in a sawing motion) and I store the cut up pieces in plastic containers in the refrigerator.  That way I can just take out a container and cook it without the hassle of slicing ... plus it takes up less space in the ref that way. 

The usual way of preparing tikoy is by beating an egg and then dipping the tikoy in the beaten egg before frying it in hot oil.

Another way is to roll it in cornstarch after letting the sliced tikoy sit out for a while (so that it is sticky again) and then frying.  This method uses no egg.

Another way is to wrap it in a lumpia wrapper with a slice of fruit.  Fruit options I am sure work (because I've tried them, hehehe) are langka (jackfruit), ripe mango, and saba (banana).  I've tried cooking the lumpia two ways and both of them work.  

You could deep fry it (as usual) or you could baste it with oil and stick it in the oven toaster for 8 to 10 minutes.  The second option is healthier so, if you are "trying" to eat healthy, you may opt to do the latter.  I wish I had chocolate or strawberry syrup.  I bet this would taste and look great with a drizzle of syrup.   The fruit in the photo is mango.  I like using mango because the contrast of sweet and slightly sour is interesting.

I read somewhere that I could roll the tikoy in sesame seeds before deep frying it so I want to try that tomorrow.

A friend of mine said he ate some earlier with nuts, so I want to try that, too.

Can anyone else think of other ways to prepare tikoy?  I'd love to try them all so suggestions are more than welcome.

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