Thursday, September 16, 2010

Like a phoenix

After 3 weeks of non-stop work I finally got some breathing space yesterday. For weeks now I have been suffering a pounding headache, my jaw hurt, the back of my neck has felt like someone was stepping on it constantly, and my shoulders were heavy.

The stress of all the things I needed (and still need!) to do just caught up with me.
  1. finalizing the grades of my kids (students) for submission to the registrar
  2. compiling research on communication theories and models into a handbook for my COM 630 class
  3. individual thesis (still working on it)
  4. group thesis (for presentation)
  5. review of masteral/doctoral paper on cross-culture (to do list)
  6. communication plan (to do list)
  7. session guide (to do list)
  8. 30 lab exercises and quizzes for racket (to do list)
There's still a lot left to do! Waaah!  But at least I got the heaviest and most urgent ones out of the way.

As soon as I got home at around 7:30pm last night I did the following:
  1. had dinner
  2. called Asian Massage and asked them to send a therapist
  3. took a shower
  4. went to sleep
Since we normally stay up late I asked my mom if she could wait for the therapist to arrive who was scheduled to arrive at 11:30pm.

I was in so much pain I could not even sleep properly while waiting.

When the therapist arrived I let her (Liezl) do her magic and voila!  I finally got a good night's sleep after 3 weeks!

She asked me what kind of massage I wanted and I said "anything, so long as it will make the pain go away".  The receipt she gave me said Swedish but it felt more like a combination of Swedish and Thai.  A home service massage would cost P300/hour, same as if I had the massage at a spa.

It was totally worth it!  I will definitely call on them again soon.

And now ... nose, meet grindstone again. 

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