Friday, November 28, 2008

Fully Booked Bloggers Event

I love to read books. I've done so ever since I was a kid. I also enjoy reviewing books I've read thereby letting other people know my personal recommendations. So when I heard about the Fully Booked Bloggers Event I felt that it was an opportunity I could not miss! I had no idea what I was attending but I figured, it's for bloggers, Fully Booked is a bookstore, it has to have something to do with books! Hopefully, we get free books (at the very least!) for attending.

After registration the first thing we did was tour the facilities of Fully Booked from basement and back to the Top Shelf on the 5th floor. This is how I discovered that they had a mini movie theater set up called U-View which they rent out for public use. There were store buyers on every floor to explain the kind of books they select, which was all self-explanatory since everyone present could read (there were signs all over the place). It helped to know that Starbucks and the public restroom were both on the 3rd floor. I always wondered where the restroom was, just never got around to asking.  Whenever I go to Fully Booked at Bonifacio High Street I usually go directly to one of two floors:  the basement for the sci-fi and fantasy and to the second floor for the young adult sci-fi and fantasy.  Is it obvious yet that I am into sci-fi and fantasy? 

Once we made our way back to the 5th floor our food was served. The food was beautiful and delicious! (Thanks, Az, for the photos.) To my delight the caterer for the event was Hizon's. We were served the following:
  • bagette topped with tomato and basil
  • pasta - our choice of penne or fetuccini with either carbonara or meat sauce with rolls
  • roast beef with mushroom gravy sauce
  • fish fingers with tartar sauce
  • salads

    • asian salad martini
    • green salad martini
    • maki salad in a pita roll
    • chicken bbq salad in a pita roll
    • vegetable sticks
    • fruit salad
  • about 10 types of dessert

    • blueberry creme brulee
    • strawberry pannacotta
    • tiramisu
    • coffee mousse
    • etc.
  • washed down with iced tea and water
While we were eating they decided to run a trivia game. For every correct answer, the winner of each question won a gift pack which contained a book (courtesy of Fully Booked) and a token from (pen cum 1 Gb USB flash drive). After the trivia game they made an exciting announcement:  everyone who attended were given the chance to choose two books each from four piles. Look at what I got!  Yes, they are fantasy books, hehehe.

There were a LOT of books to choose from and the hunt for a good book turned into a feeding frenzy. I had such a difficult time choosing but opted instead for these two books because I've been wanting to get them for some time and just haven't gotten around to it. Now, I guess, I will end up completing both series.

The best news, though, for me was what was announced after. Everyone who attended the event were made members of the newly formed Fully Booked Book Bloggers Club. Being a member means:
  • monthly book club meetings, which I presume means possible free books and we will need to write book reviews
  • first dibs on visiting foreign authors
  • P1,000.00 gift certificate for selected blogger of the month if your review is selected for the month.
If there are any other features I missed I'm sure we will be informed in the incoming months. At the moment, applications for membership in the Book Bloggers Club is closed but hopefully they will open soon so that my blogger friends who were not able to join the event could be part of it, too.

This event was in cooperation with Hizon's and

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