Saturday, August 2, 2008

AXN-Beyond Embassy party flop

Nurse Joker (Ayds), Capt. Jonathan Archer (Nick), Star Trek TOS Communications Officer Uhura (Jovan), Sydney Bristow (me), Sexy Pirate (Shey), Star Trek Voyager science officer (Duds), bankrobber Joker (Mark P.), Star Trek Voyager's Capt. Katherine Janeway (Kasuy), Tie Fighter (Ron)
  (NWAer photos courtesy of Ron)
This is, without a doubt, one of the WORST parties I have ever attended ... and, believe me, I've been to a few doozies.  So ... some friends and I decided to check out the AXN-Beyond "Out Of This World Party" that was held last night at the Embassy Club.  As the invitation stated, we had to be in costume, and you know the NWAers, all we need is the slimmest excuse to be in costume.

First of all, the invitation(s) is/are confusing.  The one I received in my email weeks ago said this.

Then a few days ago, THIS came out on the AXN-Beyond website:

This is confusing ... what time are we really supposed to be there? And then, to top it all off, the party was announced in Facebook also and it said that 7pm to 10pm was for VIPs only and 10pm onwards is for the general public.  Just to be sure, Kasuy and I went there early to find out for ourselves. We confirmed it ... cosplayers were to show up for the 10pm.  Forget my 7pm invitation (which I and a few others) received directly from AXN-Beyond.  That was obviously a mistake.  7pm to 10pm was reserved for agencies and the press.  The promised prizes was only for the earlier event and they had NOTHING planned for the 10pm onwards.

They tell us that we have to be in costume and for our efforts we get goodie bags and posters.  They were nice, but ... that was it?  There was no program of any sort planned?  What a pathetic party!

Some of the people from AXN-Beyond were nice enough and stayed long enough to mingle with us (NWAers) and even took some photos with us.  As to be expected, the most photo ops were with Nurse Joker and our resident Tie Fighter.

Some cosplayers did come in later (at around 10:30pm, I think) but they gave of the aura of "hired help" to "spice up the party".  I don't know if it worked because I didn't feel any difference.  The party was F-L-A-T.  We tried to give it a chance ... we really did.  We stayed up to a little past 11pm and then had to give up.  There was NOTHING redeeming about the party ... at all.  All AXN-Beyond did was provide a venue for cosplayers to party.  We don't need to go to The Embassy Club for that.  We geeks know how to party, we've been doing it for a long time.

The NWAers gave it a good try, though, and we did manage to have some fun.

Truth to tell, I believe we had more fun after we left.  The pirates moved on to Jill's and partied there, the X-philers ... well, they disappeared but I guess they must have found their own fun, too, and the rest of us proceeded to Ron's clinic at the hatch building and "partied" there.  Unfortunately, I had to leave earlier but I believe the rest stayed until much later and a few even slept over.

I have a card for free entrance to Embassy for the next 3 nights ... does anyone want it?  I certainly don't.

We should party at Hard Rock again.  They know how to welcome cosplayers.  Such a shame, though.  AXN-Beyond is supposed to be a sci-fi/fantasy channel ... and they don't know what to do with people who comprise their ACTUAL viewing public.

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