Monday, February 25, 2008

Movies have made me paranoid

These are a list of things that I am "paranoid" about because of the movies.  Some are funny, some are practical.  It is also a work in progress so I may add a line or two every now and then.
  • I cannot get in the front seat of a vehicle (especially at night) without checking the back first for "unwanted passengers".
  • When walking around the house at night in the dark, I don't look at the mirrors in case I see someone else in them (meaning not just me)
  • I cannot face a mirror with a lit candle.
  • I sleep at night with my blanket pulled up to my chin to cover my neck.
  • I don't answer calls (on my cell) from people who's numbers are not in my phonebook.
  • I try not to piss off the people serving my food.  If they do anything I find disagreeable I have a quiet talk with the manager.
  • When I enter a bathroom (toilet and bath combo) I cannot use the seat without checking the bath area first (opening the shower curtain) to make sure I am alone in the bathroom.
  • I cannot use the toilet seat without checking that there isn't someone's head in it.
  • I cannot use the toilet seat without checking if cockroaches are not swimming or surfing in it when flush.
  • Before getting into bed I check the closet properly so that if anything comes out of it I will have early warning.
  • I don't hang my legs off the side of the bed because someone might grab my ankles from underneath.
  • There is NO WAY you will get me to say Betelgeuse three times!
What things have the movies made you paranoid about?

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